How To Make Your Home Bug Free

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Your home should be kept clean all the time; it’s a place where the whole family enjoys spending time together. You should always make sure that your home is perfectly clean. In other words, you must ensure that it is free of dust, dirt and bugs.

If you wish to know how to make your home bug free, you don’t have to worry at all. There are surely possible ways you can do to maintain a bug free home.

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Home Bug Free

1. Seal Up All Holes - One of the helpful tips in making your home bug free is never allow those insects to enter your house. Bugs are able to enter through cracks around windows, drains, doors, and pipes. When these parts are caulked and sealed up, it would be impossible for them to enter your home.

2. Boric Acid - You can find various commercial products in the market today. However, you can make use of boric acid as an alternative. Boric acid is a white powder substance mined from volcanic areas. You can sprinkle boric acid around drain and pipes, under cabinets, on top of cabinets, or under appliances. This way, you can get rid of termites, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, and other insects. When you decide to use boric acid, just make sure to place them in places where humans and pets won’t come in contact with it.

3. Diatomaceous Earth - You can visit the nearest garden center in your area to be able to purchase this particular powder. It is a nontoxic powder which is white in color; it is made from refined shells of very tiny sea creatures known as diatoms. Sprinkle the powder in places where the insects are. This usually leads to dehydration and within hours of exposure to this particular powder, termites and other ground-dwelling insects may die.

4. Spices - If you think that there are bugs in your house, you can get a small bowl and mix in various spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, and garlic cloves. The ones mentioned are known to have bug repellant properties. You can place the bowl in places where there are bugs.

Making your home bug free is as important as making your home nice and comfortable for everyone in the family. Always maintain a clean and fresh environment around the house so that bugs won’t live in your house. It will be easier for you to get rid of bugs if your house if free of dirt and dust.

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